Dictation a method to learn a language

A language learning technique that you can do alone or in a class is called dictation. You listen to an audio file or a native speaker and write down in a notebook what you hear. Listen to it at a slow rate and repeat it as often as possible. Stop and go until you have written the whole dialogue in you notebook. Then check your work, against the text, which was spoken by the speaker or the audio file.
This sounds simple, but think about it. Through listening and writing you exercise your mind in a very active way. By writing you learn. Some some learners who need to learn by movement, this is particularly effective. You learn not just the skill of writing in your target language, but you will give your memory more concrete connections so it will recall better. And it is kind of fun and old fashion to write things in a notebook. Like you did in school, as opposed to now days, everything is typed on a computer.
One side of your notebook page could be for your text your wrote during the dictation and the other side could be for your corrections. These could be practical dialogues and get progressively harder.
If you memorizes these, you would have ready made native speaker language patterns , that is sentences or phrases, locked in your brain.


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